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Freejoob.com is an Indian Job Searching Portal operating in India and the Middle East and Europe/Gulf Countries Founded in 2020.

Our simple mission is to help job seekers to find jobs easily.

Freejoob.com having a large number of database about 5 Lakh Registered job seekers and an average of about 2 Thousands of resumes are daily listing.

Job listings for job seekers in every industry, every level from entry to executive, and every type like freelance, part-time, internship, full-time Candidates can search by job title, location, and industry.

Employer – Why Choose us?

You Choose us because our A to Z Services are Free
Job Searching Tool is very easy to use & you can explore the candidate’s easily.
You have the option to export candidate’s c.v in Excel & PDF.
1000 + Fresh candidates making their profile on freejoob.com.
You will get all the applications notification in your inbox if someone applies to your job.
You have Chat option in the dashboard you can directly chat with applicants.
You have the option to shortlist & reject candidates directly from the dashboard.
You keep full control over your employees through Your Dashboard. We have made a tool that saves your time we focus on the details.

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