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*Interview Tips – About your self? Don’t tell a long introduction about you.
*You can tell Name-Age-Qualification-Experience etc.
*The interviewer can ask again for more introduction than you can tell more information about your family & Background etc.
*Fail to Make eye Contact with the interviewer.
*During the interview, you can see the interviewer’s face and hair repeatedly.
*Before going to deep knowledge about the company.
*Before going review your job profile & education.
*Don’t show a bad impression of your previous company.
*Don’t smile during the interview.
*The handshake should be a perfect manner, not should be weak.
*Wearing a well official simple dress not should be colored.

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It can help you to answer these Steps.

How to Introduce Yourself during the interview | Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Questions that appear in every job interview I’m going to share with you some simple step process to help you introduce yourself.
In any job interview, in fact, you can use this in any selection interview second I’m going to share you some important rules that go along with each step and third I’m getting to mention some common mistakes and the way you can correct them I’m also getting to offer you some stock phrases that you simply can use in your introduction if English is not your first language and at the end of this tips I’m also explaining you the complete introduction that you can use with your own customization tell me about yourself.
This question comes during a number of various forms, for instance, walk me through your background or take us through your resume but whatever it’s this is often a trick question because the interviewers asking us to inform them about ourselves and actually they know everything about you by seeing resume so exactly what are they asking us to tell them they’re asking us for 2 things one they need to understand our attitude towards work what quite an individual am I, they need to understand whether I’m an honest fit the work and what I can contribute to the corporate so we’d like to catch their attention and keep them interested.

Step Number 1 That you need to take care about greetings formal greetings are highly recommended like the good morning before 12 known afternoons after 12 known and good evening anytime after 4:30 or 5:00 within the evening all the way till midnight rules smile be confident and make good eye contact and customary mistakes are like saying hey hi what’s up and also fumbling between the great morning and therefore the good optional.

Step number 2 About Thank you for the opportunity this is an optional step and depending upon the situation you could either say thank you for short listing me for the final interview or many thanks for this chance to speak about myself in front of you, this may not only create an honest first impression but it’ll also help both you and therefore the interviewer relax a bit.

Step number 3 About [Your Name] I am a chief officer or you can also say my name is or mine names the rule is to smile to be proud of your name and to enunciate it clearly and some common mistakes here are a think myself yet nervous or calling yourself the answer is yes always use your full name because simply using your first name may sound a little casual category.

Step number 4 About Position and company if you have work experience then this is the time to tell them about the position you hear the name of the company the number of years any awards that you simply want and what impact you’ve had on the corporate what difference you’ve made to them for instance for the last five years I have been the sales manager at dot leading a small else team and our team was awarded the best sales team of the year for two years in a row I have worked closely with clients and built some key relationships example I am an HR manager at blah blah blah looking after the key functions of recruitment compensation Learning and Development I even have over 5 years of experience within the field and that we are ready to increase our employee productivity by 8 percent during this era now the rules for this step one sound enthusiastic about your work to don’t sound very pompous like I am a leader I’ve done everything trying to make it sound like you’re a good team player. Start with my most recent position and go backward or should I start with my earliest work experience and are available forward and therefore the answer thereto always starts together with your most up-to-date position and mention it and return only if it’s highly relevant or vital otherwise your resume covers all of that.

Step number 5 About Qualifications if you’re a fresher you’re not going to be able to answer or if experienced let’s see some examples I’m a recent MBA from (University) with prior work experience in the IT sector or I have completed a bachelor’s in mass media degree with a specialization publicly relations and company communications or I’m currently pursuing a five-year integrated law program from school with attention on cyber law if your college is prominent and well-known mention it otherwise let it pass common mistake I am a mmmmmmmm from nmmmmmm IMS mmmm hhmmmm so if you are a fresher than just one line like I’m a software engineer from so-and-so school doesn’t seem enough so this is your chance to add achievement oriented mini stories for example I was part of the research project on how modern technologies changed the way of teaching in the future where we worked with an HCL tech company to evaluate the efficacy of some tech based teaching interventions make sure you talk about a project in an area that’s relevant to the recruiters and if the area is not directly related how about you talk about some skills that could be relevant for instance you’ve recently done a project called the impact of software consoles on the youth and you’re almost to seem for an interview with a IT marketing company so how about you say this to them this project helped us understand the motivations of today’s youths and the way to draw in their attention with our IT gadgets and services you’ll also mention any educational program courses or additional experiences that you simply may need had during your graduation question should I mention my IIT when I’m just a fresher well normally I would avoid it because it’s already there on your resume but if you want to highlight your academic achievements how about saying something like I’ve consistently been in the top 5% or 10% of my class.

Step number 6 About additional qualifications this may include any outside courses that you did skills that you gain or awards that you want for example I have completed a six-month computer animation course/ASNT Level II -RT, UT, MPT, LPT/ ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor/AutoCAD/Primavera from the International Institute I’m proficient in German and Spanish I have learned dot net Java hardware networking and Python which have helped me in completing a project on so on and so forth step number seven is called adjectives now use some adjectives to describe yourself to the interviewer.

Step number 7 About Hobbies and Passion this is optional but you want to include this if this helps you build a connect with the interviewer if you think they are significant or it helps you establish some skills that you want to demonstrate to them, for example, I am a trained singer and the daily reel has taught me self discipline and dedication or I am a keen runner and this not only helps me keep fit but also helps me network with other runners in the community.

Step number 8 About Family now this is optional I would typically leave it out of a standard introduction but you can choose to use
it strategically if you wish for example my mother is a housewife and my father is a farmer and I helped set up a process where he could directly sell his produce at the farmers market and bypass the middlemen alternatively you can use this technique to answer this question on the family when the interviewer poses this question to you later on during the interview and category three type of questions is why you’re here.